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Where to find eCommerce Packaging Supplies for your Business

Now that you have a great product idea, it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to package that product. There are 3 main factors when deciding on product packaging, 1. You want your product to get to your customer safely, 2. You need packaging that shows off your brand, and 3. It needs to be cost-effective.

Below I have listed my top recommendations for product packaging and will continue to add to this list.

Importance of product packaging

eCommerce stores have fewer interactions with customers than a physical retail store, that’s why it’s important to pay attention to your product packaging and leverage it to create a memorable brand experience, and to set yourself apart from other competitors.

These days you will notice a lot of people sharing unboxing videos on social media platforms like Youtube, TikTok and Instagram. Encourage your customers to make videos like these by creating a great unboxing experience.

Types of product packaging

There are 3 common types of packing online stores use. These are:

  1. Corrugated boxes
  2. Padded mailers
  3. Bags and envelopes

Mailer Boxes

Photo by Mildlee on Unsplash

Corrugated boxes are a great option for product packaging because they are recyclable and don’t add much weight to your packages. A con of using corrugated boxes is that they may increase the shipping cost due to the overall size/volume of the box. Cardboard boxes also allow you to add cute stuffing & extra promotional items very easily. They are also most commonly seen in unboxing videos across social media. Want to make your packaging more personalised for your business? You can also purchase custom mailer boxes online.

Padded Mailer Bags

Padded Mailer Ecommerce Packaging
Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

Padded mailers are the most economical kind of product packing. They are nice and flat and great for small or flat items. Because they are so small they typically won’t cost as much as a cardboard box to ship and don’t add much weight to your packaging. If you need extra protection you can add bubble wrap or paper.

Bags and Envelopes

ecommerce packaging
Heaps Good Packaging

These are nice and lightweight. Custom-designed poly bags are becoming very popular in the eCommerce world. You can order custom bags in your brand colours with cute patterns even your business’s logo. These bags are typically used for non-fragile products like clothing.


packaging supplies

Unless you are shipping a super durable product you will also most likely need some sort of stuffing or product cushioning as well. The most common forms of stuffing are:

  • Disposable packing peanuts
  • Tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap / Bubble wrap bags
  • Air pillows
  • Crinkle paper

How to create a custom packaging experience

1. The Main Shipping Container

The main shipping container is the most important decision to be made. Depending on what products you are selling this could be a cardboard box, padded mailer or bag/envelope.

2. Tissue Paper

Build an extra layer of anticipation by wrapping your products in tissue paper. You can order tissue paper in all different colours, patterns, even custom designs. It is also relatively cheap to purchase.

3. Filler

The most common forms of filler used in eCommerce product packaging are disposable packing peanuts, tissue paper, bubble wrap, air pillows, and crinkle paper.

4. Stickers

Stickers are a great way to build brand awareness. Custom stickers are quite inexpensive and can be used to hold your tissue paper and to use as a seal on your products. I recommend ordering stickers with your logo or brand colours on them to help brand your packages on a budget.

5. Promotional Material

Business cards are one of the most cost-effective ways of adding a promotional item to your packaging. Alternatively, you can send a personal note or printed instructions.

6. Tape

This might seem like an obvious one but it completely slipped my mind when starting my eCommerce store. If you are using Cardboard boxes you will need tape to close the box. Like stickers, you can get custom design tape as well. If you are packaging fragile items it is also a great idea to use fragile tape on the boxes. You can pick fragile tape up from stores like Bunnings.

Packing Supplies Resources

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Tissue Paper

  • Ebay – Coloured Tissue Paper
  • No Issue – Custom Tissue Paper

Printing, Labels & Stickers

Tape & Other Packaging Supplies

packaging supplies for ecommerce business

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