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How To Find A Product To Sell Online

So you want to take control of your life and start an online store but you don’t know what you want to sell?

Well you have come to the right place!

In this post, I am going to help you find your first product idea by giving you 5 places to look for product inspiration. In future posts I will give you tips and things to think about when choosing a product, and overall help you determine whether your idea will be profitable.

5 Ways To Find A Product To Sell Online

First things first, grab yourself a pen and paper and start jotting down any ideas that come to you whilst reading this post or researching any of the following tips. At this stage no ideas are bad ideas, just write down anything that interests you.

Today, we are going to look at places/ways you can look for inspiration for a product to bring to market.

1. Look for products that solve a problem

5 Ways to Find a Product to Sell Online

Solving a customer’s problem will always be an effective way to develop a product idea that people want. There is a direct need for it. When it comes to using this strategy it is worth paying close attention whenever you notice common frustrations with an existing product.

Being aware of small annoyances that you come across in life might just be what you need to think of a new product idea. While you are completing simple tasks like cleaning windows try and think outside the box about how you can make this task easier. Try and keep an open mind about what you can do to accommodate these problems.

Your product doesn’t have to be huge and complicated, sometimes it can be quite simple but effective.

2. Products Your Passionate About/Products for Hobbyists

5 Ways to Find a Product to Sell Online - 2. Products Your Passionate About/Products for Hobbyists

This is a product that is for people who are into anything from cooking and baking to fishing and other niche hobbies/passions.

People who are looking for products for something they are passionate about, will often be more willing to pay for the product they want. They are alway on the lookout to purchase a product that enhances their passion/hobby in a particular way.

E.g. Fitness Enthusiasts – They are more likely to pay for something that will improve their fitness or time in the gym.

You can start thinking about some ideas by looking at the hobbies/passions that you’re interested in or researching some hobbies where you feel there might be a gap in the market or where you can improve on an existing product.

Tip: Being passionate about your product will make it a lot easier for you to sell. People love authentic branding.

Looking at your hobbies and passions is a good way to source inspiration because you are fully aware of the expectations of the user/consumers of the product. It allows you to see the product from the view of your potential customer.

3. Jump On Trends Early

5 Ways to Find a Product to Sell Online - 3. Jump On Trends Early

I just want to clarify that what we are talking about here is not a fad but a trend. A Fad is a short lived thing that that catches on with people temporarily then just disappears as quick as it came. E.g Novelty Fashion Pieces. A trend, often has a longer lifespan and they continue to be popular for a few years. E.g. Indoor Plants. They have always been around but have become more popular during COVID.

A benefit of jumping on a trend early is that it lets you take a place in the marketplace and establish yourself as a leader before others get the chance to. Places to start researching: Google Trends, Trend Hunter, Reddit. These website will help get your mind thinking, and you will be able to spot something coming up in the market.

4. Serve Niche Segments

5 Ways to Find a Product to Sell Online - 4. Serve Niche Segments

Having a niche audience makes it easier to sell and market your product. You know exactly who your are trying to reach and sell to.

Serving a niche target market is a great idea because you can create a product that solves a problem, or gives enjoyment, to a very highly-engaged, higher-converting customer base.

5. Browse Online Marketplaces

5 Ways to Find a Product to Sell Online - 5. Browse Online Marketplaces

Search for product ideas in search queries that people are already looking for. Using this method can be a really effective way to capture traffic from Google because you are essentially pairing a product with a search query.

Browse websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, even Facebook and look at lists like “Trending” or “What’s Hot”.

Take a look through Amazon’s search suggestions. It will give you a list of ideas that will help you come up with product ideas.

This is another great place to look for inspiration, it will also allow you to find overseas suppliers.

Ebay is very similar to Amazon, browse the trending pages to see what products people are buying and how much for.

If you are more creative and are looking to sell handmade products, Esty is a great place to find product inspiration. Again, while doing your research take note of what people are selling their products for.

Remember: Your Products Don’t Have To Be Physical

While most of this list has described physical products, remember that your product doesn’t have to be physical. You can set up an online store to sell downloadable products like Fitness Workout Guides, Planners, eBooks. The possibilities of products that can be sold online are endless.

Let me help you launch and grow your eCommerce business. On this blog, I provide free resources that will help guide you throughout your ecommerce journey as well as strategic website design and development services that drive results and help you to reach your business goals.

Send me an email and let’s chat about your ecommerce goals.

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How To Find A Product To Sell Online

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