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Is Your Business Ready For Black Friday?

With Black Friday creeping up on us quickly we have put together a quick list of things you should have in place for Black Friday so you can relax and enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.

In 2019 there was a 14% surge in online shopping on Black Friday. This number is expected to grow by 61% in 2020 and because of Covid, Black Friday will become more of an online event rather than an in-store event.

It is important that your customers know about the sales your business is running, that your website is ready to handle these sales and that you have tested your website and made sure there are no technical or grammatical errors.

The Checklist

1. Is your website ready for mobile shoppers?

Last year over 50% of Black Friday online sales came from smartphone transactions, and that’s only Black Friday. In this day and age, it is expected by your customers that your website will work on desktops as well as mobile phones and so should your shopping cart.

If your website is not mobile optimised you could be missing out on 50% more potential sales. It is important that your website is ready for mobile shoppers.

2. Have you added promotional banners and popups to your site?

Using free tools like Canva is the quickest and easiest way to organise banners and popups to advertise your sale items. Canva has a ton of templates you can edit and use for your specials.

A handy tip: Create popups that are triggered when someone tries to leave your site and offer them sweet Black Friday deals, free gifts and special offers usually can help seal a deal.

Adding promotion top bar banners containing your specials is also a great way to advertise your deals. These banners are usually seen by customers the entire time they are on your site which will keep the special fresh in their mind.

Don’t have a banner or popup on your website? Contact us today and we can make that happen before Black Friday*

*Please note that we only work with based websites.

3. Do your customers know about your sales?

Use email marketing and your social media accounts to promote the sales you are having. You need to make sure your customers have all of the crucial information they need at least by the Monday before Black Friday. Prepare your emails, banners, pop-ups, and even a brief FAQ in advance. This gives time for your sales to marinate in your consumer’s minds leading to a greater chance of them making a purchase.

4. Have you tested your website to make sure that your shopping cart works, spelling and grammar are correct, and that all of your links work?

You need to make sure that your website cart is working properly so people can complete the checkout process on your website, ensuring sales. Every single elementor you post reflects on your business’s brand, products, and services. Broken links and spelling errors and just a few of the things that can go wrong on your website.

Be sure to test all of your popups, links, and forms and run your content through a spell checker like Grammarly to ensure there are no silly mistakes on your website.

Black Friday Business Checklist

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